Hello. My name is Nikolas Murdock and I’ll be your writer this evening. I like corgis, ponies and playing the guitar for the people I love. My favorite writer is Kurt Vonnegut. My favorite band is Say Anything. My favorite song is a close-tie between The Writhing South and Alive With The Glory Of Love, both by Say Anything. My favorite food is Japanese Food. (What, all of it? Yes. All of it. ) I enjoy cooking and eating out. If I were a tree I’d be a Ficus, because Ficus sounds really cool. I’m an Aquarius, even if you don’t care. (Actually, I have found just the same amount both for astrological signs and against them. ) I like doing research about any topic but interviews are my favorite research material. I hope to be an interviewer some day.

Can I have a wikipedia page now?



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