Pieces of random girls #1 (Don’t count on me continuing this series)

She sits in a revolving chair if that what it’s called and she spins constantly and she’s wearing a skirt and it’s like fucking witchcraft and that is one of my favorite words. Her hair is long and straight and it ends in blonde but it starts in brown or castaño which is what some people call it but I just call it brown. English is not my first language my first language is Spanish and she’s got a boyfriend for sure. She’s touchy touchy and she really wants these guys to help her study because if she doesn’t she’s screwed. Either way she’s screwed, just in a different sense of the word and her glasses provide a perfect frame for her eyes so we can see exactly where they begin and where they end. She’s not that good at smiling if perfect smiles are what you’re interested in.

And hey I just found out Kendrick Lamar isn’t really my kind of thing I’m more of an Earl Sweatshirt kind of guy to be completely honest. Tyler, The Creator is my Jam. Lamar is still pretty good.

Anyway she smokes and drinks but never beer thank you very much and you can touch her if you’re hot cause if you’re not she’ll notice for sure she’s got an eye for these kinds of things. She walks with her back perpendicular to the ground and her breasts sure do appreciate that. Her earrings are huge like her mother’s and they make her feel like she’s carrying all the weight on her ears and that makes her feel powerful and that’s the way she wants to feel. Lifting things makes people feel strong. It’s an instinct thing I assume.

And it’s one of those things where I’m just coloring inside the lines that her movements and her clothes provide and if you have read what I write you know movement fucking matters and it’s pretty much all I know about her because I haven’t even heard her speak but I don’t need to because it will never happen. Anyway she’s got this kind of dumb look in her eyes like she doesn’t read much else than the bible and the birth control leaflets. And she keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and every once in a while we make eye contact and it’s awkward forever for like half a second and then we’re back to normal.

Nothing going on here.

Everything’s ok.


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