I hadn’t updated in a while because the internet told me not to.

In a list of things that keep you from being actually productive as a writer.

It was item #3.


Which is weird because plenty of people do blogging. Serious writers do blogging. Blog. That’s the verb I should use. Plenty of writers blog.

My last weeks have been pretty cool creatively, but not so much productively. I have many ideas for things that I usually end up not doing. Anyway, I thought I’d leave some of the things I’m working on so you are up.to.date.

  • Resilience (The second album by Nikolas Murdock)
    • So far Resilience’s got several things going for it, including a cover photo and a semi-finished tracklist which looks like so:
      1. WonderWhy
      2. Friendly Ghosts
      3. VCR
      4. Slow Jams
      5. Kidney Stone Pt. 1 (The honeymoon phase)
      6. Kidney Stone Pt. 2  (The falling out)
      7. Dark Glasses
      8. Be On It
      9. Going Home
      10. Gold Is Only Valuable Because It’s Useless
      11. Resilience
    • Each song is taking a lot of work to set up since each one is like ten layers thick and stuff. Anyway.
  • A Brief History Of The Atomic Bomb
    • I’m writing a novel and this is what it’s called. So far it’s like twenty chapters(I think) and 35 pages long.
    • There’s eight characters so far and like five that I’m setting up but still haven’t gotten around to introducing.
    • Writing a novel is fucking exhausting really.
  • #CowNeighbors
    • They are doing quite alright.
  • WhiteCardPoetry
    • I’m trying to evolve this very tiny project into something else involving six word stories. It’s slightly more difficult, but also a lot more rewarding, somehow.

So there we go. In case you were wondering. There we go.

Have a great week everybody!


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