So Many Questions 1-

The other day I saw a documentary about Will.i. am. I don’t know why. I was all of a sudden on this channel where a documentary about was playing. I think it was E! He documentary then did that mind trick. That elusive mind trick. It convinced me. That I liked

I really don’t like that guy’s songs. I don’t have anything against him. I just don’t like his music. I find it repetitive. And dull. And whatever.

The thing is, after watching explaining the deep meaning behind his songs, (which I denied existed, even) I began to slowly like them. The effect has wore off, but I still have to ask this question.

And let’s go ahead and consider this the first official post from “So Many Questions”.

Does the explanation of an art piece affect your perception of the same? Do you find yourself more prone to a certain kind of art once you understand it? How do the people you frequent affect your likes and dislikes?

Think about it and hit me back.
I would love to hear your opinion.


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