Hey guys. What’s up. It’s Tuesday.

I can’t write too much on Tuesdays since it’s my busiest day of the week. I have an insane amount of classes. Well maybe just three but they go on for three hours each, until 10 PM. It is not that nice. Could be better.

Anyway I wanted to write something to thank everyone for reading so far. It had been a while since this blog was active and I was unsure of how to get back on the metaphorical horse. I think it’s going pretty well. I’m working on more pool reviews, since they seem to be so popular with the young-uns nowadays. Also, thanks to everyone who read It’s you. It’s one of the more personal pieces I’ve written recently, and I’m glad to know some of you enjoyed it.

As a side note, today I saw a girl with a $WAG tattoo on her right arm. She looked young. This makes me think of the implications of her tattoo in the near and far future. I sure hope $WAG is still used thirty years from now, or she’ll have to do a lot of explaining. She probably has to do a lot of explaining already.

I don’t know if the tattoo was actually a tattoo or just sharpie. I hope it was sharpie.

Anyway, thanks for your continued support. I’ll write a proper article about tuesdays once I don’t have an exam approaching in five hours.

But please don’t be silent about this! If there’s something in particular that you would like me to write about, leave a comment or write to me at nikolasmurdock@gmail.com. There is no way I won’t notice.

Sincerely yours,

Nikolas Murdock

P.S There’s a song by Leon Lárregui called Brillas. It’s awesome. I heard it on the radio the other day. Love Day (February 14th) is coming up and if you have a special someone, you should definitely consider learning to play the guitar and playing that song. I know it’s short notice, but it’s worth it yo.


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