About making friends

I said I was going to be busy today and still this is the third post. Such is the process of procrastination.

For the readers unfamiliar with my current situation, I recently moved to guadalajara for a semester. I’m living alone in a one-room room (I really like that joke/expression). I like to think of this as a slight retreat from my usual surroundings. It’s doing wonders for my creativity and productivity.


I have no friends. Which is like, supposed to be sad but right now it’s mostly just disappointing. Today I did something that wait a second did that girl just faint? Yep. She fainted. She’s up. Now she’s coughing. Oh my gawd what is going on. She’s being taken away in a golf cart. It’s more of a golf van. They have those here. Ok the lady is telling her to calm down. That’s probably what she should do.

Anyway today I stood up to a teacher. It was easy since the teacher was being very unfair and I don’t know him. I have no background on him. That, apparently, won me some points with people who hadn’t even looked at me in a month. The month we shared sitting in that classroom every Tuesday from four to ten.

That’s it. I’m tired. I’ll write more about this tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s this.


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