Deep Retribution

There is eh…

There is this movie. It is called “The Breakfast Club”. I put the title in quotations because that is the way you are supposed to write titles. This movie “The Breakfast Club”, it is about five kids who are in detention a whole Saturday and they…


There is was a series with Will Smith. His name is not in quotations because it is not supposed to. This series, it was a comedy. A sitcom. You were supposed to laugh. It was about Will Smith who was sent to live with his aunt and uncle to a place very different from where he is from. In the business they call them “fish out of water” stories. I am not sure if that was supposed to go in quotations. Will Smith, he does all kind of funny things like get drum lessons for his little cousin and is always getting into trouble. In one episode, his father shows up at the house. His father left him when he was a baby. After pretending like everything is fine, Will Smith confronts his problem with abandonment. I am not sure if  “abandonment” is a word. The word is in quotations to emphasize that that is the word I am referring to. He says the phrase “How come he don’t want me?”. You know why that is in quotations.

Today eh…

Today I am holding a mental battle between the part of me that wants to see a certain girl´s picture, and the part that does not. Will Smith’s question is constantly appearing in my mind, the “he” replaced by a “she”.

In “The Breakfast Club”, you do not know why any of them are in detention. You know they are very different to each other. They like different things. They go out with different people. They do not like each other at first, but over the course of an hour and forty minutes, they learn that despite their differences, they are very similar to each other. They long for acceptance.

Suicide is the third cause of death in people between fifteen and twenty-five years of age. It kills more people each year than car crashes. Cancer does not kill this much people anymore, or AIDS.

They deal with suicide in “The Breakfast Club”. Out of five kids in detention in a given Saturday, one of them wants to commit suicide. This was 1985. Every fifteen minutes someone commits suicide.

I cannot think of anything romantic to say.

Nor something hopeful.

Just sad stuff.



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