I Wrote This Backwards(Not That It Matters)

I like some songs because they have a line that is repeated several times and if i sing along it feels like I am praying. I like praying, but only when the prayer is directed at no one in particular.

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone. I have no conversations. I have friends that know me and friends that don’t. Of course, those that don’t can’t really tell the difference.

The voice of some radio hosts is unbearable. Maybe not so much their voice but their way of speaking.

Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a run and a song will come on. In this song, there is a 10-second bridge that I love. It makes me feel infinite. Like anything I have done and anything I will do is perfectly fine as long as I do it with meaning. As long as I put my soul into it.

The hot water from the gym showers is like a gift. All my pain and nervousness and stress and sadness is washed away in the ten minutes I spend in that shower. The shampoo I use is less expensive than a sandwich and it’s not very good. Maybe if i buy a new one it will feel even better.

I like to go to a local cafe where I know everybody because it feels like home. Sometimes I go inside and just hang around for a while, talking to my friends who work there.I don’t even have to buy anything. I know they will be there when I show up. It’s familiar.

My phone rings to tell me that the battery is running out. It’s the only reason my phone rings. Sometimes it rings when my mother is calling me. The rest of the time it’s because the battery is running out.


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