The Infinite Serenity Prayer

There’s a sketch by a group called the whitest kids u know called Good Morning Dad. Usually they have two kinds of sketches. Those that attempt pure comedy, and the satires that criticize and make fun of the way society works. Good Morning Dad falls into the latter category. The sketch begins with a father dressed in a suit drinking  a cup of coffee. In one of the angles we can see that there’s a key glued to the bottom of his cup. He notices a tv with a VHS labeled “To daddy” in what could be observed to be very childish handwriting. Reluctantly he plays the tape and we see his son on the screen. He tells his father that to find his car keys he must follow a set of specific instructions in a very playful manner. The father murmurs “I don’t have time for this”. We see the father leave the room and keep hearing the instructions from the son. From this point on we can hear the father shouting and hitting the son off-screen, demanding to be told where the keys are. Finally, the son on the screen explains that this is his way of expressing how much he wants he and his dad to spend time together. He asks that if the father feels the same way, he come up to his room and give him a hug.

The father in this sketch is a reflection of society in modern days. He has become a machine of time. A machine that works on time. The son is the part of us that we have lost. The innocence of game creation. The ingenuity of time independence. He wants to spend time with his father so much that he has created an elaborate scheme to restrain something essential to his father and in that way emphasize the importance of playing around every once in a while.

I’m not even going to try to pretend this concept is new, but with the dawn of technology and commuting we have become disconnected. Anti-social individuals have existed from the beginning of times. Scientists and engineers and writers and people with no specific profession. Even so, never before had we been facing a situation of massive anti-social behavior such as we have now.

Some might raise the example of nightclubs and general social life as a case to refute this. I believe they might be right to some respect. The truth is I see nightclubs as a medium for sexual interaction. The atmosphere of the music, the alcohol and the drugs, they exude sexuality. The way people dress in nightclubs is more of a statement of the level of sexuality they are ready to offer to the community.

I’ve got a very severe case of golden age thinking. Mostly because I believe that in earlier times, parties and social situations existed to share ideas. As ways to meet new people not to obtain sexual relations, but as a way to show ourselves that we were not alone in the world. I can’t believe anyone who says that meaningful connections can be made successfully in an environment of loud music and booze. In all aspects, I reject this idea of society.

And I’ve tried re-wiring myself so many times. I’ve tried hard to accept the world for what it is and not for what I want it to be. And still I keep seeing myself in all these social satires. In these comedy sketches. I keep seeing my reflection in stories of other authors and writers and I know that they felt the same way in some part of their life. Truth is we, as a world, constantly face challenges that have never had to be faced. They’re new. People in the sixties did not have to deal with bad cellphone reception, or reality television. Mass murdering in high schools. Airplane ticket costs and terrorist bombings. But they dealt with two world wars. Ancient greeks dealt with conflicts over land and government. Unpunished genocide. Alienation from other countries.

The truth is in time everything will fall apart. All the structures you have created for your life will eventually weaken and you will be left with nothing. War will break out in countries that don’t deserve it, and countries that do. Politicians will rise and fall. Technological concepts will be accepted and abandoned for a better one. Societies will desperately try to change themselves because they’re destroying the planet, the moon, their way of life, and themselves. Protests will be made and manifestos written. Artistic currents will come and go. People will die.

In the third day I created myself as I wanted to be with the things I saw in other people. My guidelines are other people. I told myself, faster thinking, funnier, smarter, reflecting and strong. This image of myself keeps changing. I re make myself in the image of the things I want to be. In the way I want to deal with what’s happening. The infinite being grant me the strength to keep doing it the number of times that it is necessary.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.