Micro Stalking

Cruising through the interwebs because apparently that’s all I know how to do. So many politics on facebook that I want to respond to but I’m still not brave enough as to engage in a bloody battle for ignorance supremacy. There’s too much things I should know and I don’t, so I keep my comments to myself.

I’ve been doing some random stalking lately. Like, if I really liked someone I would stalk them constantly but since I don’t have anyone like that right now I just click on people randomly. I don’t even look at them for that long, I just browse. What a horrible word to use…browse. Maybe glance would be better.

Let´s start with you, girl who I do know. Oh god, that picture is really good. Really rocking the secretary look you are. I mean the way you are semi-biting your upper lip and looking outside the picture frame is really sexy. Heightened by the way your hair falls down to your shoulders it really looks something else. Plus, seeing as your hair is covering very specific places it proposes the question: “Is she wearing anything at all?”. Which of course is a suggestive question. Great work, girl #1.

Ok let’s go with you next, really hot girl who is somehow my friend in facebook but who doesn’t really know me in real life. I’ve been a fan of your pictures for quite a long time and, if it’s not too much for me to say, you have outdone yourself with this picture. Silhouetted to really empower your figure? check. Holding a microhpone? Check. Acting like you’re singing? Check.

Now your picture is really something. Judging by your C cup boobs I can tell that your 1842 friends are no coincidence. I can’t see your picture history without being your friend, so I can only assume that every picture you’ve taken is similar. That necklace you’re wearing is very cleverly worn so it can point down to your cleavage, which should win some awards really. You are trying to make people look at your boobs but there’s also your eyes. Dammit if that’s not the third cutest pair of eyes I’ve ever seen. Stunning as they are, your smile does little to accompany them. Mediocre, at best, I’d say. But the picture as a whole is does really work wonderfully.


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