Birch Street Description Mechanism Exercise #1

So for starters, your shirt is torn in two places in ways that are neither cosmetically appealing or have any fabrication marks which leads me to believe that you are a bit careless with what you wear. You buy your clothing based on price and appearance alone, never by brand name. This is confirmed by the fact that you’re wearing white tennis shoes with brown pants. The brand of the shoes is the one you can buy in a department store for twenty dollars. Next, your hair. Your have medium long hair but it’s not stylized in any way. You’re lazy. You procrastinate. You also cannot decide on a haircut you like, probably because of a bad long term memory. which would explain why you wear pants with lots of pockets. You carry around a bunch of stuff. Also the way you just took out your cellphone leads me to believe that you have assigned a particular pocket to your belongings. You’re a bit of a tidy freak, but not so much. The brown spot on the back of your neck is probably dirt, wish means you shower in a hurry, all the time. This either means you’re a very busy person or a very unbusy person. Given the state of your hands and the frequency with which your cellphone rings, I would say the latter. You have calluses on the tips of the fingers of your left hand, so you’re right handed, and you play a string instrument. The acoustic guitar probably given the size and toughness of the callouses. You’re a music person. This fact is confirmed by the way you tend to sway when you’re standing, and of course your ringtone. You’re probably carrying your mp3 player right now, in one of your pockets. Your hoodie’s right pocket is the most fitting place as it can be easily reached from a standing position, it’s locaed in your dominant side, and it doesn’t interfere with any of the previous allocations. You prefer to only have one thing in each pocket except when two things are related, which leads me to your smoking habit. The small but easily identifiable burns in the middle of your middle and index finger indicate you smoke at least a cigarette a day. This bears the question, where do you keep your cigarettes? Wearing cargo pants, it’s easy to presume that you keep them in one of the lower pockets, given how uncomfortable cigarette packs are and how you just hate uncomfortable things. But, what do you do when you are no wearing cargo pants? You probably use the left pocket of your hoodie, don’t you? It’s less intrusive that way.By the way, it is also easily discernable by the mark on your thumb that you use a lighter and not nmatches and obviously you tend to keep your lighter in the same pocket as your cigarettes. Now, your glasses. They’re light frame, slightly crooked to the left. Again, your complete lack of action o all trivial matters. This psychological condition goes beautifully with being near-sighted. Also, the tips of your glasses have this kind of melted feel to them, which implies you wear them most of the time, and the heat of your skull has melted them a little. So, you use your brain often, otherwise you head stays cold. You’re a thinker. You’re not like everyone else, a path of thought that clearly justifies the way you dress. You despise social rules, hence the hair and the smoking. You dislike other people, hence the mp3 player. Although you do appreciate the company of a select group, and you like being the center of attention, hence the music playing and the loud ringtone. You see I know more about you than you could possibly know about me, because I observe. Because I isolate the components that make up your being.

Now you try.


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