I Wrote This In 2007

Basically I found this while browsing through some of my earlier work.

What is it with me and people?!
Am I like, biologically tied to a magnet repelling everyone else? Do I have the paranormal ability of making everyone I like not like me back? How am I supposed to keep on living like this?! At first it was easy, I did not need anybody, but as experience increases I find it exceptionally irritating. Live and learn! How can I find my way when every pathway seems covered by the unparalleled loneliness that is my life?! How can I live on when every clear sight I find leads me to a wall? It’s getting harder to advance in the mountain road that is my life, always expecting to fall into the infinite darkness. Like, when I try to start something, and I think I sound sweet but, sure enough, in a faint voice I hear myself speak. People will probably call me a fool and tell me I’m doing exactly what a coward would do, but I can’t help liking people, so I’ll leave people alone now.

Then I found this one

Well everybody’s kissing everybody; well I think that’s great. Your turn on the TV now a days and everyone’s stuck in each other’s lips, or tongues, or just mouths. Well good for them.
Well everyone’s dating someone that actually likes them. Well, I think that’s awesome. Everyone has a crush on someone, and everyone has a crush on them, well, good for them, because I sure don’t have one on me.
Well everyone wants someone to kiss them. Well I think that’s really something. Whether it is someone you know, or just some guy you fell in love with from a magazine, you want someone to kiss you, with the occasional exception that you don’t have any lips, or you have kissophobia. Well good for you, because I sure don’t have anyone who wants me to kiss them.
Well everyone wants to keep on living. Well I think that’s great. Everyone knows that somewhere, sometime something’s going to happen that’s going to keep them alive. Everyone wants to know what the future has in store for them. Well good for them. Good for them.

This comes as kind of a shock to find out that I really haven’t changed at all. I thought I was different but I’m really just like I was five years ago.


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