Stockholm Syndrome

I want to give you Stockholm syndrome.
I want you to psychologically develop a bond with me based only on lack of control and shame.
I want to make you sorry about whatever it is you’ve done, even if you’ve done nothing.
I want you to need me like I don’t need you.
I want you to scream in pain and pleasure.
I want you to ask for forgiveness.
I want you to ask me for my phone number.
I want you to desperately seek my attention our of sheer admiration.
I want to torture you until you love me.
I want to pull your hair until you say ‘Thank you’.
I want to hit you until you can’t feel anything anymore and then hit you harder so you feel again.
I want to smother you until you’re nearly dead, and then blow oxygen into your lungs.
I want to strip you naked and then stare at you.


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