It Takes A While Before It Kicks In

Don’t click on her picture.
Seriously don’t do it.
It’s only going to bring you pain and you know it.
You’ll regret the very moment after you do it.

Quick, distract yourself with something.
Anything, just do it.
Just don’t check facebook.
Absolutely no facebook.

Ok, what else is there to do?
Someone just uploaded some really bad poetry right now.
Remind me why is our internet browser connected to our facebook?
This is so much harder that it was originally going to be.
Are you checking facebook?
Ok, get out quick.
Ok, no harm done.

Why do people even begin very short poems with “Today I want to write”?
It’s such a cliched phrase.
It’s like, just write something man.
Specially a poem.
Never start a poem with “I want to write something”.
We know you do.
We can read it.

Well that was distracting enough.
Suddenly, I don’t have a necessity to see her pictures.
Yes she may look very pretty.
Still, don’t do it.

No, don’t click on that other girl’s picture either.
Not her either.Or her. Or her. Or her. Or her.
She has a boyfriend. She rejected you once already. She’s sixteen.
She doesn’t know you exist.  She knows you exist and still doesn’t want to know anything about you. She once looked at you, don’t let it get to your head.
My point is, don’t click on any of their pictures either.

Yes, they’re all very pretty.
That really doesn’t matter.
That’s only a physical factor.
You know better than that.
You don’t care about the outside.
So you don’t need to look at their pictures.
Besides, it won’t do you any good.
Seriously, just don’t do it.

Don’t look at pictures of people you wouldn’t have a conversation with.
No, she has a boyfriend.
Ok, don’t look at pictures of people you wouldn’t have a conversation with AND people who have a boyfriend.
No, not her again.
Ok, don’t look at pictures of people you wouldn’t have a conversation with, people who have a boyfriend AND people who have broken up with you.
Look, just don’t look at any of their pictures.
ANY of them.


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