A Brief Introduction To The Frowning Clown

He felt his skin throbbing. The feeling was akin to a sunburn, but it was very specific. He could feel two spots of pain in the corners of his mouth. His saliva had become so acid that, simply by drooling, his skin was burned. His skin hurt even more when he grabbed a towel and dried his mouth, and then he saw the marks. Light red marks exactly where he had felt the pain. Light red spots twisting his mouth into a frown. The epitome of sadness. A forced kind of sadness. An apparent form of sadness. Now, no matter how much effort he put into smiling, he was always frowning.

Some days in the future, right before his death, these spots would have grown so much because of his incessant drooling, that they would appear to be blood trails dripping from his mouth. They would become a sign of death all of their own, and young children would run at the mere sight of it. It would be painted in posters and walls and in street signs and in secret letters and in face masks and tattooed on arms and breasts. This frown that had grown from addiction would become the symbol for a generation of anarchists and smokers around the world, and the feeling of it was very akin to a sunburn.

Maybe his saliva was acidic because he smoked only Lucky Strike, and it had been said in certain circles that that particular brand did awful things to one’s mouth. The common practice was to roll oneself’s cigarettes, and therefore control the vivacity and thickness of the smoke. Some smokers preferred to use menthol cigarettes. Some of the homosexuals smoked strawberry flavors. Some smoked cinnamon or green tea. Some of the more experienced ones smoked Marijuana. This gave the smoke a special thickness and made it easier to control, but it also made it specifically hard to shape. The new kids smoked electronic cigarettes, because water vapor was always considered particularly malleable.

Some time after he died, a new brand called Blood Trails would detonate what historians call “The Smoke Revolution”.This particularly easy to use brand of smoke, inspired by the Frowning Clown himself, would be a hit with beginners and experts alike. It will be the first members of the Smoke Revolution who use the blood trails as a secret emblem to transmit messages and to identify themselves throughout the anarchist movement of the era known as “The Dark Comedy Uprising”.


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