The Magneto Principle

Sometimes I base my ideas on stuff I see on the movies. I love the movies, so it’s only natural that I would. If you think about it, none of the characters in the movies are real people (except maybe those based on real people, but even those have a certain degree of fiction added to them). These characters were developed by a writer to be extraordinary in a lot of ways. These characters cannot be real because they’re perfect in every imaginable way.

The thing is/my point is/what I’m trying to get at is that recently I was watching a Xmen: First Class which is a movie I enjoy very much because it makes me feel like a huge nerd. In it, there’s this guy called Magneto whose mutant power is to manipulate metal. At the beginning of the movie we discover that his power is triggered by anger and pain. It is only later in the movie that his friend Charles Xavier teaches him to trigger his power by using happy memories. There’s this kind of theory he uses that boils down to finding the a point between anger and serenity.

Now, I’m no mutant (not that I don’t wish I was one) so I sometimes tell myself that writing is kind of my superpower. It’s nothing special, and almost anybody can do it, but I like to think it’s something I do well. Now here’s where the magneto principle comes in. I strongly believed I wrote my best when I was depressed or angry. This was my superpower, and it triggered when I was at my lowest moments. I started getting all these ideas I needed to write down, but they were messy, dark, sometimes incomprehensible. They flowed from my mind like water from an opened faucet, stumbling through words and creating unstable castles of thought.

OK, I may have exaggerated in the literary figures in that last sentence, but my point is that the magneto principle holds true for most things we hold as superpowers. There’s a time when we can use them to heir fullest, and sometimes that time is when we feel rage and sadness to the fullest. But maybe that is only the unleashed potential of our abilities. Maybe we can find greatness when we are at our most calm. Maybe at one point between serenity and anger we can finally prove our worth. So that´s what I´m trying right now. A bit of writing in the safe side.

So look forward to that?


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