I don’t take my time falling in love with people. If you’ve read some of my stuff you know that. There’s a saying that goes “The flame that burns twice as bright burns out in half the time” which applies to me in most things: Hobbies mostly. It does not apply to my way of loving though. I love intensely from the get-go, and the longer the other person loves me the more intense it gets. Also, when it’s over, it takes me a really long time to get over it. I mean a really long time. At best it takes me months, at worst, years. Even minor flings take a few weeks to clear-off completely. Half-second crushes take me days to get over them. That’s sometimes a bad thing, but it’s mostly a good thing to me as a writer.

Connections are part of existence. Whenever a connection is established, we send part of us to someone else. This way, we establish ourselves as part of something bigger. Some connections,of course, are stronger than others. In creating this connections we don’t lose anything ourselves, instead we create parts of ourselves to share. Be it our attitudes, our talk, our feelings, they are transformed and sent. This is why when we sever connections we feel like a part of us is gone. We were somebody when we had these connections and by severing it we become somebody else. Whether that someone else is better or worse than the last version is completely up to us and the connection.


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