The Quiet Weatherman Theory

Predictions are made by putting together previous strings of events and observing a pattern. If the pattern has repeated itself enough times in the past, you can formulate a nearly certain prediction. For example, in this particular geographical position, everyone can pretty much predict that the sun will come out tomorrow. Some will even go so far as saying it will come out at 7:00 AM. We KNOW the sun will come out tomorrow because every day of our lives the sun has come out and every single day of our lives the sun has set. Sure, it may be cloudy and we might not SEE the sun, but we know it’s there. People living in the south pole or Alaska might not be so brave as to predict that the sun will come out tomorrow for sure, because they know the sun actually comes out every thirty days or so. But I digress, predictions must be based on experience or empirical knowledge. This is how we predict most events, based on the past.

The Quiet Weatherman Theory is a very simple concept, yet it has a universe of applications and examples. When we predict the weather, we base ourselves on the past and try to predict the future. If the wind is blowing towards a particular direction, the clouds will move with it and therefore, it will rain. Weather has never been keen on giving a damn about what anybody thinks, so maybe it won’t rain. However, you have already made a prediction and, in that sense, you have failed horribly. People’s hopes depend on the weatherman. Whether people go out or stay in depends on what the weatherman thinks. People think they have the right to judge the weatherman if he is wrong.

The Quiet Weatherman is based on the fact that there’s a group of people capable of predicting everything perfectly, based on experience. There is a group of illuminated people that can tell exactly what is going to happen to every single one of us. They understand the tiny rules of the universe and therefore are now much wiser than any of us. They know, and they don’t say anything.

If you stay quiet, there is no chance of being wrong. Not that they would ever be wrong, but that fear is always there. The moment you predict something, you change it. The mere fact that you said it out loud changes the future. Life is like a jealous girlfriend that wants only to be the opposite side of the argument. The Quiet Weatherman stays quiet and says nothing and only nods in approval when he sees things happen.

With enough effort, we can all become Quiet Weathermen, but why bother?


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