The Truth Behind The Plastic Bag

Truth is harsh. Sometimes, we fabricate the truth. One of the truths that plague my life, for example, is the constant thought that people don’t really like me, but just stand me as a person most of the time. In this fashion, I believe myself to be so unbearable, that no one ever will truly love me in spite of my shortcomings. Much to the contrary, I believe myself to be so annoying that everybody will come to hate me someday, or every day for that matter.

Although I pride myself on being an illuminated person, the word here meaning “Someone who thinks the understand everything about the world and how life works”, I know that I hold no bigger knowledge than an average fly. I have come to realize the world has already been through several iterations, and it’s really hard to try to change anything without destroying everything. Maybe that’s why I long for destruction; for death. If we all go back to zero, then we all get to start again. There are too many greedy, manipulating people in the world, to stand foolishly in a podium and propose a revolution. Revolutions never work. They never work for long at least, because you don’t destroy anything. You merely build again on the poor foundations you had before. These poor foundations based on fabricated truths that only benefit a certain sector of the population, and that years later the new generations of goodwill try to change and are instead faced with corrupt principles and corrupt people who stand in their way. It is not enough to destroy these people, because from their ashes, new seeds of corruption will emerge, and we will have to start again. No, real change comes from complete destruction.

It is complete destruction that permits the world to try again. We do not reuse elements, because from old elements, old principles will return. No, we must create a new iteration. This is one of the truths I know. This is one of the truths I made up. We are all made of light and dark. We are all made of creation and destruction. Yet, we are not fit to create. No one is fit to create. No human is fit to create. We are imperfect. We are dumb. We are arrogant. Yet, we consider ourselves fit to create and destroy. We may have some right to destruction, but only if we bring the destruction of ourselves along with others.

This is the way I have found of creating destruction. There words are all I need to destroy my small little universe, because I am enlightened. I can see everything. Everyone can see everything, but most of us are blind. It is only when we open our eyes that we realize we don’t need anything. We must destroy everything, because we don’t need anything, and it’s too late to change it.

If I could shake hands with god, I would undoubtedly congratulate him on the great job he has done, but I would tell him I could do better.


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