True Love Theory

I have a bunch of theories. True Love Theory is one of them. Perfect Girl Theory is another one of them. They’re actually pretty stupid. I sometimes wonder if, when I’m older, I’ll look back on the time when i was writing this and wonder on just how silly this all is. Hell, i can do it now.

True Love Theory is basically the thought that two people have identical compatible wavelengths to the point that one can understand the other completely without words. This is true mostly for mothers. Some children develop an unbreakable mental bond with their mothers right from birth. However, this is not considered True Love Theory mostly because children co-exist in the same space as their mothers for more or less nine months and at birth, and True Love Theory relies heavily on coincidence. Coincidence that drives two people to meet randomly and immediately understand that they were made explicitly for that moment.

True Love Theory is not true, for example, when a guy is friend-zoned for a long time and at the end of the story ends up with that guy and they live very happily ever after. That is called Patient Love Theory and will be explained later. True Love Theory is also not true with very selfish people, since their wavelengths are much too difficult to find anywhere. True love Theory must exist in plane rides, coffee shops, music store counters, public parks and concerts.

True Love Theory states that True Love is infinite and undefeatable. It cannot be explained and therefore almost nobody has ever been able to describe exactly how it is formed or how it exists. True Love subjects are destined to die within minutes of each other. Not everybody can achieve True Love, since it’s not really up to the subject, but there is a number of people who are content with never find true love. Rock Stars for example.

True Love Theory is only a theory, it is not absolute truth. I still have not found enough evidence to support TLT, but I’m still searching. I have found, however, an overwhelming amount of evidence proving my theory wrong. That evidence has been compiled into other theories such as Impossible Love Theory, Inevitable Treason Theory and Indecisive Love Theory, all which will be explained further in other posts.


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