If This Is A Dream, I Really Don't Want To Wake Up

I had a dream. I cannot remember the details, but it was something concerning time travel. No, wait, the first part of the dream was something concerning time travel, but the rest was completely different. I…think there was some kind of doctor living on the top of a hill in a mountain, and I went there to see him. He was attending the old me, from the future. That was the part concerning time travel. Eventually, the doctor told me that he was moving his practice to a shopping mall (Or something similar) in the city, and that I should go meet him there. I did (after what seemed like a millisecond but was perceived as a few years) and arrived to the mall carrying a small suitcase and a few friends who were there unannounced, but were not particularly upsetting. The practice was set up in the top floor, and I had to take several staircases to get there. On the last flight of stairs I met a girl about my age, but I payed no attention to her. I offered to carry her bag to the practice, since it seemed like she was going there too. For some reason, I got ahead of her and arrived at the clinic where there was a long line of waiting patients. Since it seemed like I had a special relationship with the doctor, I took the liberty of going in without giving a good god damn about the waiting line, still carrying the girl’s bag. There, the doctor was already operating on someone, but he greeted me like an old friend and, given I was not there for a consult, i went on and let myself out after i was done saying hi to the doctor. On the way out I found the girl from the stairs, and I held the door open for her. I remember I still had her bag, and I returned it to her. In that moment she looked straight into my eyes and asked a simple, yet strange, question. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and I kissed her.

This was apparently what she was thinking.

After our kiss, it was like we were already in a romantic relationship. We knew each other completely. We sat in the floor of the mall, holding each other and kissing constantly. Next to us, Special Guest Starring, were two friends of mine who are a couple right now, and who I admire for their relationship and their compatibility. This scene included me, being insecure about our improvised love. I wondered what people would think about my new girlfriend, who nobody really knew and who I’m sure lived really far away from me, but that was also my complete soul mate.

Here’s the thing, there’s a rule that says you can only dream of people you’ve seen in real life. This girl’s face…I cannot remember. All i know is that she was perfect just the way she was. Beautiful, sexy, well-dressed, good kisser, flawlessly created by my subconscious to make me feel less lonely for at least 30 seconds. Her mind was also immaculately programmed to be synchronized with my desires. Nevertheless, she is only one of many perfect girls my subconscious has created throughout my life, and I can almost remember all of them.

Why can’t I materialize one of these girls? Simply because they are not physically possible. Anatomically speaking, none of them are abnormal. They could be everyday human beings. Psychologically speaking, they are impossible to fathom. Starting with the fact that they are completely synchronized with me, wavelength-wise, then considering they actually feel attracted to me. This is why there is such a constant reminder in movies and books that men are always looking for the “girl of their dreams”, it’s an idealized version of a female companion who is perfectly in sync with everything you think and do. If I find one of them  someday, I guess I’ll let you know.


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