Life – Part 1 : Unique Events

My name is Nikolas Murdock, and this is Life. Since life cannot be explained, because of how long and complex it is, I have decided to take three things I think define my life the most and describe how I feel about them. This is Part 1: Unique Events.

The smoke from a cigarette never goes back in. Burning matter never goes back to its previous state. Our lives are based on unique events. The illusion of routine and repetition is caused by the notion that the things you do every day are the same, and not in fact quite different from each other.

Think of it this way. When you grab a random strand of your hair, and slowly let it go through your fingers, you cause a unique event. You will never grab the same hairs you did a second ago, and even if you by any chance do, it will never be with the same force or the same angle or the same motion you did last time.

Now apply that to your job, your school life, your love life. Every task you do is a unique event. Every paper you write is a unique event. Every argument is a unique event. Take it as such.

As individuals, we have no more meaning that a lit match. We are easily ignited, but as our fuel depletes, we know that there is no going back. We are nearing a quick end. However, while we are alive we can contribute to a much bigger cause; A fire.

By causing a fire we live on. We transcend existence. We decide whether that fire is benign and full of purpose, or malignant and destructive. We can become an instant, like a firework, filled with color and intensity. Or we can be an atom bomb.

You get to choose.


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