Not Creepy At All

I wonder if by making prolonged eye contact with you I can make you like me. I can’t tell you that I love you, because I don’t, but I do like you in a completely safe, non-stalkerish way. Well, maybe a little stalkerish, but only because I am trying to make you like me by making prolonged eye contact.

I am quite certain that observing people from a distance gets you nowhere. However, I refuse to accept the fact that…wait…there are some girls singing really loudly near where I am. It really distracts me. Ok, it looks like they’re done. Nope. They’re not. They can’t seem to get one part of the song right. Come on girls, you can do it. Close but no cigar. Let’s try that again then. There you go. Almost done. See, was that really so hard?

So now I can get back to my monologue. Damn, I lost all will to write about making prolonged eye contact with you. Anyway I guess my point is when you catch me looking at you during class or out with friends or lurking from behind a small bush, it’s not because I’m creepy or anything. I’m just expressing my uncontrollable attraction to you in a socially acceptable way. The least thing you can do is smile, really.


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