Winning Opening Lines for Novels

I have something against people telling me what to do,but only ever since February 18 of 2011.

There is nothing in this world I hate more than Kimchi.

When he lifted his eyes he saw himself reflected on Pamela Martinez’s sunglasses, and for the first time in a long while, smiled.

For a moment, there was no sound; then he heard the gunshots.

Thomas had never seen anything like it, nor would he ever see anything like it in the future, for he died ten seconds later.

The tea was as bitter as the mood in the room, and the biscuits were no better.

His hallucinations could only be getting stronger for, instead of his room, Michael now found himself in the park where he had gotten his first kiss.

The white powder descending from the sky resembled snow, only it wasn’t snow, but ashes.

My first, second, third and fourth choice schools rejected me, and so I ended up attending Demon Swamp High.

If it wasn’t for her smile, I would not have gotten through.


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