Perception is a curious thing. It changes everything. The way we perceive the world has a major influence on what we express to others. Allow me to illustrate this with an example. When we see fireworks, we perceive them bi-dimensionally. The mental image you recall when you think about fireworks is never a tridimensional image, it is instead a still picture of our point of view. If we could stand in different places while watching the same firework, maybe we would think of it as an explosion.

Perception changes the way we see things. When we learn to shift our perception accordingly with what we want to achieve, we win arguments. We can write better stories by changing our perception. Writers practice by writing their story from many possible angles until they arrive at the one they feel most comfortable with. This is the case with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which if you have read is told from varying angles of perspective ranging from personal diaries to newspaper articles.

However, changing out perception is tiring and we cannot stay for too long on the other side of the fence. Whoever we are, we feel most comfortable when we think as ourselves, and not as somebody else. Concordantly, we could say that most novels and books are written strictly from the author’s point of view. It establishes the way they feel about life, about others and about themselves. A great variety of novels are psychological explorations of the inner longings of a person, and if they are interesting enough we read them. The only problem with uninteresting people is that they tend to include unnecessary stuff in their novel.

In an unrelated note, I think you’re beautiful.

Was that unnecessary?



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