Victorinox Girl

Enjoy the little things.

Little things make our lives slightly better. A menage of little thing can go a long way into making us see the world in a different light. When we get up in the morning, birds singing can define the difference between a happy day, or a terrible gray day. Does it smell like morning? Is the grass freshly cut? What did we have for breakfast? Did we get stuck in traffic that day? Did we say hello to our neighbors?

Glasses of wine make our lives slightly better. When we have a beer with our friends, we not only savor the inherent flavor and alcohol in the beer, but the situation and the general aura of the context we’re in. When we smoke with a friend, that little cigarette contributes to making our perception of our surroundings slightly brighter. When we hear the chords of an electric guitar, it changes us. If we watch a terrible movie with friends, we can laugh afterwards about how we just paid 8 bucks to be completely and utterly bored for two hours. We’ve had problems in the past, sure, but those moments seem completely insignificant compared to the little things we can learn to take advantage of.

Random encounters make our lives slightly better. Shy glances at someone we like make us better people and, ultimately, raises our over-all self-esteem. Prolonged eye contact makes us happy because there was something missing in our lives for a long time, and we think we’ve found it. The constant desire of looking at that person we hold dear, or we wish to hold dear, drive us forward and define our general states of mind. Beautiful auras, when we are careful enough to perceive them, can turn a depressive evening into something we will remember for a long time.

Kisses make our lives slightly better. Random hugs from foreign people we thought were distant can make long-lasting impressions. Slow dances change out lives for the better, giving us new points of view. Watching old movies together or whispering softly in each other’s ears may not seem like much at first, but they are there for a very noble cause. They are there to drive our efforts. They are here to save our lives. They are here to show us that it doesn’t matter how bad of a day we’ve had, or how sad we are, or how enormous the world may seem in comparison with our small universe, we have something small that makes it all worth it. We have something small that makes us stop caring.

This helps. Puppies, tables and cups of tea. Sharing, conversing and holding hands. Looking, staring and looking away. Keeping secrets, confessing and being honest. It helps. It makes our lives slightly better. Little by little, It makes out lives much better.

Take chances, live dangerously, apologize to no one.


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