I’ve never been particularly good with poetry. When I got poetry assignments back in elementary school, I must admit I did better than my classmates, but every poem was a failure in my eyes. I haven’t gotten any better in the last few years, and rhyming is still one of my biggest fears. I tremble at the mere mention of having two words that sound similar. So, after a while, I started making poems that did not rhyme. Sure, every line is independent from the whole, and it sounds good when said together, but they do not rhyme at all. I guess what matters is your intentions.

So i think my intentions are pretty positive when I say that you’re the most beautiful person alive. I mean you’re so pretty, books could be written about the books that could be written about your eyes alone. The way you walk is so attractive, I could swear the earth tries to move according to your steps. Every scenery looks completely empty without you in it. Every time I have to think positive, I think of you. You always seem to irradiate a warm glow. You are nice and funny. I fancy you with a passion. I fancy the way your legs move, I fancy the way your hands move. I fancy the way your hair moves. I fancy the way you smile. I fancy the way you talk.

In other words, I think you’re really hot.

Deal with it.


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