Guitar Riffs and Tank Tops

I’m travelling through a void of colors and sound.

When I’m travelling I think of you.

I think of how much i would like dancing privately with you.

I dream of you screaming for me in the front row.

And when I see you, I can see you in full technicolor.

I see your hair, and it’s waving so beautifully with the lights.

I can almost touch you, if I push away the crowd.

I want to kiss you in a rainy night, and cover you with my hoodie.

Walking side by side with you in a crowded street.

I imagine you, imperfect.

You seem so happy.

I wrap my arms around you, and in that moment I’m truly sure that there is no way I could let you go.

Take me somewhere I have never been before.

Show me your sights and I’ll show you mine.

Dance with me into the darkness, and I’ll embrace it.

Run with me into my fears, and I’ll get over them.

Hold my hand through the drought, and I’ll hold it forever.


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