Let's Move Forward

Sometimes, it’s easy to abandon things. The world is filled with hardships and constant reminders that we are just one of many people doing exactly the same thing we’re doing. I know I have been letting it get to my head much too often. Writing, as hard as it is, is a common hobby and if you have ever visited a bookstore, you know there are an insurmountable quantity of books by different authors. When I walk into one of these stores, the smell alone is enough to encourage me and to drive me up a wall. I feel like I’ll never write something worth reading, and at the same time I feel like if there are so many people that have done it, maybe I can do it too.

Five years ago, when I started writing, I had no one to read my stuff. Everybody I asked told me that they would read it, but they didn’t. If they ever did, they had nothing to say about it. I felt alone. I felt useless. Writing became something that I was constantly turning on and off, while I found something more meaningful to do. I occupied myself with other things, and only occasionally wrote something, which after some time I thought was horrible. I lost all self-confidence.

Now, I finally feel like I have a purpose. I grab inspiration from everywhere. I record my thoughts constantly. I am not afraid of admitting when I have a bad idea. I am not afraid to try things that may not work. I became brave, strong-hearted. I watch movies. I read books. I listen to music. I talk to people. I write almost every night, and I develop my ideas into meaningful pieces of prose of which I can feel proud after. I express my thoughts clearly and with an ever-growing vocabulary. I have learned to write as myself, and not to copy other authors. But, best of all, I found people interested in reading my work. I found people I can talk to about what I’m writing or planning to write, and receive encouraging words and valuable advice.

The road ahead is always dark. We can only see bits of pieces of our line, and hope that we’ll be smiling in the end. This is one of those times when I can say with absolute certainty that I feel like things are going to be perfectly fine. I will always hold my head high, and think about tomorrow. For those that have supported me so far, I can only extend my deepest gratitude and say that even if I don’t really know you, or even if I have never held your hand and felt your pulse with mine, or even if I have never had a cup of coffee with you, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for everything you’ve given me and I hope I can count on you in the future. In the same way, I hope you trust in me to keep creating things that will take you places you’ve never been before, or give you new perspectives on old experiences. You have my word that I will always try to earn your readership with constant innovation. I won’t get discouraged by the darkness.

I will never stop writing.


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