A Lonely Life Feels Like An Eternity

I think what attracts me about marriage is that you never have to be alone once you’re married. It must be awesome to actually fall in love and wake up next to your loved one every day. I think I would no longer feel like shit in the evening. I could try things I’ve always wanted to do with someone else, like dance to french music at night or have a picnic somewhere where there is no one else around. I would have someone to play guitar to, to sing love songs to, to write to. I would have someone to kiss me when I’m feeling down, and the other way around. I know people say it gets boring after a while, but doesn’t everything? One of the things I like the most about long events is the fact that you can always expect to find a new way to look at it. I want to discover someone so deeply, that I understand them completely.

This are all things I want, but few of them will actually come true. This is the thought that keeps me awake at night. This is what I can’t get over.


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