I Am Your Nemesis.

I was thinking.

You remember the villains from the old cartoons we used to watch as kids? They were always trying to destroy the world. That was it. The ones who did not want to conquer it, wanted to destroy it, and no one seemed to be interested enough to ask why. The hero would always sweep in, save the girl, beat up the bad guy a little and fly away, and the villain would always find some other way of endangering humanity so that the waltz between good and evil would never end. Eventually, I started wondering why these people wanted to destroy the world. Wouldn’t they be destroyed too? Of course, I was young and innocent, too inexperienced.

Every morning I find myself hating humanity. Maybe those villains woke up in the morning and thought the same. Maybe their lives were going nowhere. Maybe someone they loved did not love them back. Maybe they had no friends or family. Maybe all they wanted was to become a doctor, or to write a novel, or just to be accepted. Think of all the casualties that could have been avoided if somebody had just bought them a puppy or kissed them. Think of all those destroyed cities that could have been saved if somebody had just asked them casually if they were OK, and made them a cup of tea.

Yes, sometimes I too think I’m so miserable that everybody should just be killed by a meteorite. I too, sometimes, think of building a massive laser to make the moon crash against the earth. This is how I came to sympathize with villains. This is how I came to love and hate everything. This is how I came across this unchangeable feeling of longing and expectation. But there is no hero in my story. No one will come and stop me, quite simply because nobody knows I want to destroy the world. So I make myself a cup of tea and I watch a good movie and sometimes it goes away.

Truly evil people don’t want to destroy the world. Truly evil people seek to take advantage of the world and drown themselves in terrestrial pleasures. Human Demons are those that make money out of the suffering of others. There is no need to create artificial villains when we have some so playfully messing up our lives. Evil people do not want to destroy the world, Lonely people want to destroy the world. Lonely people who never actually fitted in and were always by themselves, thinking up stories and plans. Lonely people who got rejected by friends, who were laughed at as kids and pushed into a corner of society. We judge the entire world based on one small group of individuals with whom we never really got along, and we want to destroy them because we think everybody is like that.

It is (as usual) a very romantic notion, but someone should tell these people that not everybody is like that. Somebody should tell these people that if they move to a different city, or go to a different school or even pop inside a different bar, they will find many different kinds of people. It’s not a “You are not alone”, it’s a “Yes, you are alone, but you don’t have to be”. By doing this, we save the world. By doing this, we save each other. By doing this, we become the heroes and heroines. Let’s leave the super villain stuff to the really evil people, and become a world of heroes. Leave the Nemesis behind.

Become a hero today.


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