I call this 'Writing'

These days people in oversized machines fight and threaten each other over arriving a few seconds earlier to wherever it is that they’re going. People sue each other over the temperature of their coffee or the amount of beer inside their bottles. Couples fight over punctuality and infidelity, reaching the point where they throw something more than words at each other. Soldiers and non-soldiers alike all over the world shoot to kill at children and women and innocent men. We call this ‘Civilization’.

You wake up in the morning and follow the same routine everyday. The media tells you what to wear, what to eat, what to read, what to buy and what to get rid off. You don’t  produce anything. You depend on other people to survive. You follow a set of rules invented several decades before you were born. You cannot communicate with others without a keyboard. We call this ‘Freedom’.

Our relationships are based on lies and random encounters. We cling to others in the hopes that they will save us from the abyss looming below us. The abyss of ourselves. WE cannot find someone who satisfies our need for attention, so we settle for what we can find and hope for the best. WE measure others’ determination by the money they spend on us. We determine the gravity of  a divorce by how poorer the husband was after. One-night stands separate the love from the sex and make society a horny mob of bodies aching for pleasure. We praise ourselves on the amount of sexual encounters we’ve had. We call this ‘Love’.

Our government is comprised of corrupt demons who steal, kill and torture to get what they want. They stop progress with the only intention of making profit of the fact that everyone else is an idiot. Like mindless dolls, we fall for their little plans and schemes and vote for them, and they laugh their asses off inside their limousines with their whores and their butlers. Those who fight against them are marked as undesirables and made fun of publicly. We call this ‘Democracy’.

It is no news that this frustrates me near to death. The world to me is something infinitely weird. Everything is strange and nobody seems to notice, so it passes for normal. I think in some point of evolution something went wrong and we ended up here, in the 21st century,  fearful and unhappy. Infinitely consumist and dependent. Slaves of everything, we pretend to have free will when we’re obviously bound and gagged. It makes me really angry, and it makes me laugh to no end. If I weren’t laughing so much, I still would be laughing.


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