Short Notice of Eviction

Despite all the facts, you are still unbearably gorgeous. No matter how much I try to look the other way, or get distracted looking at my cellphone, the fact remains that you are still one most beautiful people in the earth, and I am surely not the only one who thinks so. You still shine with the force of a thousand suns, and that is something no one will ever be able to take from you. People all around you will still be unable to see clearly due to all the light your pure, perfect,  blonde hair emanates. Every time your lips part from each other I could swear i have heard the trees gasping and the birds holding their breath. Every time you blink the force is so great that it blows me away. It makes me nervous. You make me nervous. You make a lot of people absurdly nervous. Maybe you realize, maybe you don’t, but it’s a scientifically proven fact. The grass you don’t walk on feels jealous of the one beneath your feet. The trees you hug get immediate bragging rights. The air you breathe does not want to leave you. Oh, to be alive between you arms, what a glorious feeling that must be. To spend every moment with you, until eternity passes away. To be the one you long to see, the one you want to talk to, the one you want in your life. What riches wouldn’t I give up to be that man.


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