Probably Nothing Serious

**The next lines contain strong negative feelings which not necessarily represent the opinions of the author. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Brains are strange things not too different to a pendulum. Sometimes they feel like crap, sometimes they don’t. We deal with it. We write about it. Please refrain from commenting about these next lines.** 

Placebos, they rule my life. Defined by the almighty wikipedia as “a sham or simulated medical intervention”, placebos basically make you feel good even though not much good is going on. Kind of like romance. Romance does not fucking exist. It’s a placebo. Sure, it might make you feel like something is going alright. Your brain knows it’s probably bullshit, but says nothing. Brains often say nothing, or say some things, but whispering. I often choose to ignore the whispers of my brain. it makes me feel better.

You think people get married because of Romance? Because of LOVE?! ROFLSHMTF. People get married because of money, status, force or commodity. You’re too old and all your friends are getting married? You choose a random idiot from the crowd and marry him. You are poor? You charm a random idiot from the crowd and marry him. You get pregnant from your douchebag boyfriend? YOU MARRY THE SHIT OUT OF HIM.

Fuck my generation. Bunch of idiots listening to their sex music and their pitbull. Bunch of idiotic little shits spending money on the clubs and expensive shirts with some bullshit logo on them. Bunch of stupid assholes that marry only when one of them gets pregnant. Bunch of ill-bred motherfuckers fucking the first person they see walk through the door. There are no feelings in that kind of life. There is no fucking ROMANCE. Ergo: Romance does not exist anymore.

Sure, it may have existed in the times of Shakespeare. Sure, maybe Shakespeare had enough chicks following him around because of the way he used words that he could have started an army comprised only of chicks and gay dudes. Sure, maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald had Zelda, and their relationship was based on love and mutual attraction. I’ll believe it when I see it.

What about AFTER you marry? Don’t even get me started on the fucking divorces. EVERYONE IS DIVORCING EVERYONE. Bunch of useless wankers. They marry, they unmarry, they marry again, they unmarry again, they get into “Free unions”. FUCK FREE UNION. FUCK DIVORCES. FUCK MARRIAGE. FUCK PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY ARE IN LOVE.



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