List of things I'm Sick Of

**Once again, the next lines contain highly negative and at times annoying content. These do not necessarily reflect the general attitude of the author towards the world, these are just working towards the fact of alleviating pressure from the author’s mind. **
I’m Sick of:

  • Waking up to the same song in the morning.
  • Having to take showers before school.
  • Idiots.
  • Know-it-Alls.
  • Trying to convince people that I’m worth it when, either i’m not, or they just don’t care.
  • Needing money to buy things.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Being blonde.
  • Being funny.
  • Being not Funny.
  • Pretty Girls.
  • Ugly Girls.
  • Smart Girls.
  • Dumb Girls.
  • Pretty Girls who are Smart.
  • Pretty Girls who are Dumb.
  • Ugly, Dumb girls.
  • Douchebags.
  • Douchebags who are idiots.
  • Bad Videogames for which I have to pay like half my savings.
  • The slow passing of Hours.
  • Browsing through my MP3 player looking for an uppy song and finding only sad songs. The other way around too.
  • Having to deal with the corrupt policemen every time I have an accident.
  • Computers.
  • Programming (Oh god it’s so fucking dull…It’s like the new chartered accountancy).
  • Being Rejected. (At first it was fun, everyone was laughing, no problem. After a while it gets very frustrating.)
  • Flirting.
  • Girls who appear like they are flirting but are really not.
  • My imagination( I mean, it’s pretty good and all, but honestly it gives me too many false hopes and then it’s very hard to convince myself otherwise.)
  • Shitty movies that make you pay $6 to see them and then it turns out they suck.
  • Awesome trailers for movies that suck (Like Sucker Punch…Yuck)
  • Thinking things are awesome to make, then realizing they’re actually the most boring thing in the world to make (Like Robots or videogames).
  • Lists.

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