The Book of the Line: What the Line is.

The Line is life.

There is no free will.

The Line determines everything you do, and everything that happens to you by crossing with other Lines.

Lines are individual. No one can have more than one Line.

Lines can cross. Lines can be parallel. Lines can be perpendicular.

Couples are nothing more than Lines that are frequently crossing, for good or for bad.

You cannot control the Line, nor can the Line control you. The Line is just there, always.

You can see the Line through what men call enlightenment. Enlightenment consists in making yourself reach a higher level of conscience in which you can predict the patterns of your Line and those of others.

If you feel destined to be with someone, it is simply because your Lines desperately want to cross.

The Line has a beginning and an end, it is not infinite.

When the Line ends, your life ends.

There is no correct justification for regret. Whatever you did during your lifetime, it was determined by your Line.

More Lines may sprout from when yours ended.

When you have children, you create Lines. You cannot control these Lines either, you can only play the part your Line follows.

The path of every Line is predetermined. If it affects others or not, it is entirely due to the fact that your Line was headed in that path.


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