Shameless Poem Experiment

Stop me when you’ve heard this one before.

The truth is merely that you rock me to my core.

I’m not lying girl, I’m blabbing with the truth.

I just hope after I’m finished I don’t come along as crude

The feelings that I have for you are causing an explosion

Please tell me you are able to resolve all this commotion

Girl I have said this countless times

Stop playing and just drop into my arms

I’m wide open, maybe more than I should be

I don’t even care that you’re really into glee

Why don’t we go grab a coffee and you can tell me what you like

I’ll just pretend I’m listening as I stare into your eyes

Maybe think about your hair, the way it flows in the wind

Take a sip of cappuccino, burn my tongue, quietly scream

Meanwhile you are talking about your friend who is a bitch

Your tea is getting cold and you speak in a high pitch

I’ll calm you down, wind you up, and take you to your house

I’ll try to control myself from feeling so aroused

I want you more than anything; it is showing in my face

And after a few words we just might get to second base

We’ll kiss good night, exchange a glance and get out of the car

It will be hard for other girls to later raise the bar

I will sell all of my things to go out with you again

I’m telling you baby you have everything to gain

Please let’s do it, and not only in my head

I promise it’ll be better than every poem you have read.


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