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What are you supposed to answer when somebody asks you if you´re ok and you are not? Do you answer with the truth? Like, NO,I’m actually pretty miserable right now, my life in general is leading nowhere, i feel useless in every possible imaginable aspect, i’m a failure at everything i try to do, despite my best attempts i have failed once and again to find some reason to live on and everyday i wake up wishing that something kills me and my mother and father won’t have to deal with the pain of having a son who committed suicide, everybody tells me to give up on the girl that i like because she’s got like a hundred thousand guys chasing her in a way that when she walks by you can count the queue that forms behind her and that she’s on the queue for another guy, Nobody will have a deep conversation with me because they immediately find that i’m so depressing it’s easier to talk to another douche who doesn’t care about anything and talks only about going out to a fucking night club and getting drunk and fucking a poor girl who only likes douches(because that’s the only possible logical explanation as to why douches get laid). No, I’m not feeling particularly upbeat right now because everybody expects me to do stuff and I just want to sit here writing but I[m not that good at it and it’ll probably take me nowhere in life and then everyone will be disappointed and I will act like I don’t mind that much but i will because secretly all i want is the approval of others and to be accepted as i am and i know that’s what everybody wants and usually when you hear someone say that they just want to be accepted as they are you just think that guy’s a loser and no one should care about what other people think. No, I’m actually feeling a little bit under the weather because I don’t know if i should be THIS depressed every fucking day and I’m beginning to think that there is something physically wrong with me because I hate everything and I probably shouldn’t. But yeah, I’m ok.


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