I must destroy the Destroyer.

– I must destroy the Destroyer.

-Jason…you are sick. There is no Destroyer.

-Still, I must fight him. No one else will.

-No one else fights him because he is not real, Jason. He exists solely in your head.

-That’s not true. The Destroyer took my wife and my only daughter.

-Your daughter died in a car accident, Jason. Your wife committed suicide. I’m not making this up; there are police reports to prove it.

-NONSENSE! Those are only fabricated lies from the Destroyer. He controls everything. I cannot trust anyone. Not the police or even you.

-Think for a moment Jason. You’ve been looking for the Destroyer for five years. You have never even seen his face. Everything you know amounts literally to nothing.

-Still I must look for him! He could be anywhere.

-NO! NO NO NO! He’s not anywhere! He is nowhere! He is an elaborate character created by your psyche to deal with the fact that you lost your family. There is no Destroyer, Jason! Stop trying to deal with your problems by creating imaginary super villains!

-LIES! You lie!

-This is the truth Jason. Do you think you’re some kind of goddamn superhero? Is that it? You’re a less than average old man, Jason! You’re nothing!

-Tell me where the Destroyer is!

-I can’t Jason! No one can!

-But I am so close to finding him! I can’t stop now!

-You must stop, Jason. This search is pointless. You cannot find something that was never there in the first place. You have killed thousands of innocent people, all for nothing. Thousands for the sake of finding a product of your imagination.

-NO! That’s what the Destroyer wants me to think! I am close! I can feel it! I must find him and exact my revenge upon him! I must make him feel my pain, a thousand times!

-That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all this time! You will never find him! You can’t find him! He is not real!

-But I have been asking. Tim, John and Steve, they knew about him. They told me the whereabouts of his headquarters!

-Tim, John and Steve are all crazy, Jason. Perhaps not as much as you, but still they are. It doesn’t matter what they told you, nothing you do will ever bring you close to your goal.




-…try to understand…


-Jason, it’s not your fault. I understand. I know what it feels like to lose a loved one. You have to accept the fact that they are gone, and that nothing you ever do will change that. Not Revenge, not fighting and definitely not killing more people. The world is a lot larger than you think it is, Jason. Those people you killed had families too, but none of them blame the Destroyer. They blame you Jason. You are the cause of their unhappiness.


-You what, Jason?

-I feel…so…impotent.

-It’s normal, Jason.

-It’s all in my head, isn’t it?

-Yes Jason, it is.

-I should stop looking for the Destroyer.

-Yes, you should.

-Thank you, for everything.

-It’s my job, Jason. I will be going now.

-Wait, before you go.


-You…are the Destroyer, aren’t you.

-…*smile* what gave me away?


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