I want you to save me

It’s difficult to find the right words to say when you really want to go out with someone. First words should never be something like “I need you” or “I want you to be with me”, because you don’t know how the other person will respond. That is, your real intentions should never be quite clear from the beginning. You can start by saying “Would you like to go out sometime?” or “I really like you” but never something like “I want you to save me”.Nevertheless, “I want you to save me” describes perfectly what i want out of a relationship. Of course if i tell her that she’ll probably run the other way screaming and I’ll end up as alone as I was from the beginning. It doesn’t work to say “I want to save you”, because then you imply that the person needs to be saved, and very few people can accept that.

True thoughts make horrible sentences, on untrained ears. For example, if you scroll down you may get a good read of my view of love as an addiction. If you picture addiction as the stuff that happens to drug addicts and alcoholics then it’s a pretty disgusting view on love. Just the picture of regression once you are forced to go cold turkey from your addiction can paint a gruesome portrait of my nights. The twitching, the hallucinations, the desperation attacks, it’s all there. So naturally, your every wish is concentrated on finding someone who can save you from these terrible terrible attacks that often keep you awake at night.

But you can’t let anybody know. If she knew, she’d probably think you’re too depressing, too pathetic, too crazy or too needy. If she knew, she would probably never agree to talk to you again, let alone go out with you or even consider having a romantic relationship with you. But if she doesn’t seem so keen on the idea anyway, what’s the big deal? Maybe she thinks the same way.


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