21 Deaths: Expiration Date – Introduction

Everyone had one. They were cheap, they were hip, and the marketing department had made sure that no demographic had gone unattended. They were also small, portable and they really took advantage of the paranoia sweeping the country. It came in seventeen different colors and five different sizes. It came with a big display for people with bad sight, and it displayed the info in almost any language. If you preferred, you could choose to keep it in English. It caused no harm to the environment, not that anyone cared, and no one complained of any discernable side effects.

It had become an easily adoptable fashion now that everyone knew that eventually, the world would come to an end. Apparently our world, just like any product, had an expiration date.  Once it reached that date, all humans who were still alive would immediately move on to limbo and await judgment. Limbo, however, could look quite similar to the previous stage of existence and so there existed the possibility that no one would notice. It had been the discovery of a young scientist who was now becoming quite the celebrity, but it was the idea of a young entrepreneur to actually find out the date and manufacture bracelets that would let everyone know the exact moment the earth expired. For the longest time, every bracelet in the world just displayed the word “NO”.


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