New World – Part 1

Made listening to Falling Down – Oasis.

Welcome to the New World. I won’t tell you my name. It is not necessary. This world is just the shadow of what it used to be. I am just the shadow of what I used to be. As I walk this barren land of hopelessness and despair, I wonder how this all came to be. They say God walked away from us since the sun stopped shining. I used to say that the Sun was not god…I’m not so sure anymore.

To my left the Doctor is trying to save Alice. He knows he will fail, but his hope seems undying. “Hope dies last” is what they say, but to the Doctor, Alice dies last. His hands upon her, his eyes with that dying flame of concentration. He pushes and pulls, but he knows it’s all for naught. Alice’s eyes are closed as in recognition of her destiny. It’s her destiny to die. In the grand scale of things, we are all destined to die, one after the other, or one before the other.

Mark knows he won’t be able to play baseball anymore. The field is slowly crumbling away. In small pieces, the home plate disappears into the darkness below. He can’t make up his mind about this being the end or the beginning, just like everyone else. The once live tree he used to play under is now a black hand desperately grasping the air above. We are all grasping for air. Since the trees died we have all had a hard time breathing. Our once pure air is gone now. For all we know, money cannot be compared in value to a pure gasp of oxygen.

Jonas went mad, or at least we think he went mad. His laughter seems out of place in this constant reminder of our black present. Thinking back on it, the insane were the only sane ones in the world. “It’s unavoidable” he used to say. I should have believed him when I had the chance. It’s too late now. I know this, and Jonas knows this. My path has now turned into a corridor. The ground surrounding my walk is broken and falling into the earth.

I don’t know how far I have walked now, but I don’t think I’ll be able to walk much further. I found God in one of the forgotten cities that I passed along the way. I sat and talked to him. I asked him why he had given up on us. He just smiled and played his music box. I said “If you won’t save me, please don’t waste my time”. Now I am standing in the middle of a cliff. The ground around me has died. I extend my wings and fall into the endless abyss.

Holding on to the mountain I see a naked child. His dark hair flies in the dead wind. I take him in my arms and fly upwards. I set him down near one of the destroyed houses. He looked at my eyes, and I knew he was looking directly at my soul. I covered him with my coat, even though I know that it does not matter. No one cares if you’re naked or clothed anymore. He looked at me and asked “Could you tell me where I am?” I thought of my answer, until I found the appropriate words.

Welcome to the New World.


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