Imagine Further

Imagine Further

Where are you?

You are in a city.

People are walking around you.

Not from you, not towards you, but around you.

Imagine Further

Can you touch them?

Can you talk to them?

They’re not flinching.

Are they purposefully ignoring you?

Imagine Further.

Shout, Scream, cry for help.

Hit them, punch them, kick them.

What does it mean?

What does it all mean?

Imagine Further.

She’s here.

The girl you were expecting is here.

Is she the one you were waiting for?

Are you the one she’s here to see?

Imagine Further.

She’s holding your arm.

You can’t tell, but you’ve fallen in love with her.

What does she smell like?

What is her hair like?

Imagine Further.

“Are you ______” she asks.

Well, are you?

Are you the one she’s been looking for?

Is she the one you want?

Imagine Further.

Where are you?

You’re in the roof of the building.

You’re not alone.

Who is that?

Imagine Further.

It’s a man, with short dark hair.

He’s wearing a mask.

The mask is smiling.

He must be smiling too.

Imagine Further.

He’s pointing to the edge.

He’s looking at you.

He’s pointing to the edge.

He wants you to jump.

Imagine Further.

You can’t control yourself.

You’re moving towards the edge.

You can’t control yourself.

Why are you doing this?

Imagine Further.

“Why are you doing this?”

You shout at the man.

“Me? I’m not doing anything”

“It’s been you this whole time”

Imagine Further.

The man is gone.

You’re wearing a mask.

You’re walking towards the edge.

You can move freely now.

Imagine Further.


Feel the wind.

Smell the Wind.

Does it smell like her?

Imagine Further.

Grab the wing.

Hold it inside.

Sprout some wings.

Can you fly?

Imagine Further.

Catch the Wind.

Take to flight.

Find her waiting.

She has blond hair.

Imagine Further.

Wake Up.

Is she gone?

Is he gone?

Are you still there?


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